Meet Dr. Michael Rock

Dr. Michael Rock

Dr. Michael Rock

Dr. Michael Rock, MD is a Pain Medicine Physician and Anesthesiologist at the Chicago Institute for Neuropathic Pain.

With locations in Chicago and Oak Park, Illinois, Dr. Rock and his staff offer innovative services to patients suffering from various types of neuropathic pain.

Pain is complicated, and most management strategies are never simple, which is why Dr. Rock and his staff use cutting-edge technology, combined with multi-disciplinary pain management techniques. These include interventional, pharmacologic, physical therapy, and psychological protocols.

Rather than using invasive procedures to subdue a patient’s pain, Dr. Rock takes a multimodal approach to understand why the pain exists in the first place. From injections and nerve blocks to kyphoplasty and radiofrequency ablation, Dr. Rock and his team have a plethora of techniques that help his patients restore their health and live pain-free.

Whether their pain is the result of a car, home or work-related accident, sports injury, cancer, or any other disease, Dr. Rock and his team help determine the source. The staff at Chicago Institute for Neuropathic Pain partners with their patients to develop the best strategy to manage their discomfort and help them return to good health quickly.

Dr. Michael Rock has spent the past 25 years gaining a reputation for effectively and successfully treating patients with complex pain conditions. He is recognized nationally for his leadership in the field of pain management and holds some of the highest success rates in the country for spinal cord stimulators. Dr. Rock has spent decades refining his therapeutic approach and is known for his creativity in treating patients. 

Dr. Rock is known for his individualized approach with all his patients, which combines understanding with compassion and empathy. Dr. Rock’s mission is to accurately diagnose your condition and find the most efficient treatment options.

Dr. Michael H Rock’s Story

I attended medical school in South Africa and came to the United States for my residency. After completing additional years of residency, including several years of both Internal Medicine and General Surgery I was board certified in Anesthesiology. The extended residency experience gave me a solid foundation of knowledge. My surgery mentors commended my “good hands” and meticulous technique. I started practicing pain management soon after beginning my career as an anesthesiologist. Pain Management picked me as much as the reciprocal; we are a natural fit.

I have been an Interventional Pain Physician for over 25 years and continue to learn more about this important field every day. Although I manage all manner of pain conditions, I have a special interest in Neuropathic pain, which is pain that originates in the nerves themselves. Its complexity challenges us to be as creative as possible and despite its resistance to treatment, the reward for success is incredible. My extra training and surgical expertise have helped me enormously to treat this multi-faceted problem. One of the tools for treating neuropathic pain is spinal cord stimulation (SCS). I think of SCS as my “niche” procedure and have been told by many that I am one of the best in the Midwest. I believe that SCS stands alone as the single most effective tool for treating neuropathic pain, yet it is absolutely under-utilized in Chicago.

My goal is to create a center of excellence for Neuropathic Pain in Chicago and enhance the standard of care that we provide to our great city. Most of all, I wish to bring awareness of the benefits and superior efficacy of SCS, especially at a time where our country is facing a terrible epidemic of opioid related abuse and death.


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