Pain Center

Your quality of life is important to you, and to our team at Chicago Institute for Neuropathic Pain. We have designed our clinics to address a wide variety of medical problems that can cause pain and functional issues for our patients that impact their quality of life. Our approach uses the most advanced methodology, techniques and treatments that impact the cause of pain and dysfunction, improving life and overall well-being for our patients.


Neuropathic Pain

Pain that originates in damaged nervous tissue is known as “Neuropathic.” This type of pain has its own chemistry and travels in neural pathways that are different from Arthritis Pain.


Chronic Pain

Chronic, persistent pain can be emotionally and physically debilitating. You may find yourself getting increasingly frustrated when long-term relief is unattainable.


Other Pain Conditions

Learn more about: Back Pain, Neck Pain, Joint Pain, Cancer Pain, Pelvic Pain, work injuries, sports injuries, and more.


Every medical issue or injury is as unique as our patients.

There is never a set treatment plan for a certain condition; our team uses a personalized approach to determine the best options for relief and recovery for the individual and their medical concern. View our patient reviews and make your appointment with us today.