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Dr. Michael Rock - Chicago Institute for Neuropathic Pain.

Dr. Michael Rock - Chicago Institute for Neuropathic Pain.

Have neuropathic pain from an injury or condition?

Men and women who have neuropathic pain from injuries or conditions like multiple sclerosis can visit Dr. Michael Rock, MD of the Chicago Institute for Neuropathic Pain for relief. He can manage moderate to severe pain for patients in Chicago, Oak Park, and the surrounding Illinois area with injections and blocks.

Using these treatments, he gives people of all ages the ability to carry out everyday activities without pain. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Rock to start living life without neuropathic pain once again by using the online form or calling our office.

What injections does a physician use for neuropathic pain?

Dr. Michael Rock injects a medication to reduce acute or chronic pain and inflammation near the area of your nerve pain. It’s an effective method because it delivers the medication directly to the location of the pain, providing quicker pain relief than other delivery methods.  

Depending on the location and type of pain, Dr. Rock may administer one of three main types of injections: steroid, anesthetic, or opioid.

Steroid injections decrease inflammation and irritation of the affected nerve or nerves. Local anesthetics, on the other hand, reduce pain by blocking sensations in a specific area. Opioid injections offer temporary relief by sending medication to the brain that alters how your body responds to the pain.

What is a nerve block?

When Dr. Rock uses a nerve block for your nerve-related pain, he injects a medication that reduces inflammation and prevents pain from traveling along the nerve. A nerve block also encourages a damaged nerve to heal. The block consists of an anesthetic, anti-inflammatory drug, or a combination of the two.

Since the process of injecting a nerve block requires precision, he often uses medical imaging, such as fluoroscopy or a CT scan, to help him place the needle in the proper location, so you receive the optimal level of pain relief or inflammation reduction.

How long a nerve block relieves pain and inflammation depends on the medication. Typically, you receive at least six to eight hours worth of pain relief. However, some nerve blocks last up to 24 hours.

What are the side effects of injections and blocks?

Any injections for pain relief or swelling cause a pinching sensation when the needle first penetrates the skin. It’s possible to have a site reaction where the injection or block entered. Signs of a site reaction include the following:

  • Rash

  • Itching

  • Pain, tenderness, or soreness

  • Swelling

  • Redness

Side effects of injectable medications depend on the variety of drug given. For instance, a steroid injection may cause facial flushing, while a nerve block can cause bleeding. Dr. Rock discusses the benefits and risks with you to determine the best course of action.

Resume your daily activities without neuropathic pain through injections or blocks provided by Dr. Rock of the Chicago Institute for Neuropathic Pain. Schedule an appointment today online or by calling our office.

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